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My early meat-and-potatoes journey into photography…

Last night I invented a new pleasure, and as I was giving it the first trial an angel and a devil came rushing towards my house.  They met at my door and fought with each other over my newly created pleasure; the one crying, “It is a sin!” – the other, “It is a virtue!”

…. Kahlil Gibran

My first camera – a Kodak Brownie Starmite

Kodak Brownie Starmite viewfinder cameras were built between 1960 – 1963.  I was gifted a used piece in early 1970’s; I was about 8 years old then… and thus started my tryst with photography.

Loaded with a B/W 127 film, this camera never failed me in my learning days.  I learned to hold my breath, steady my arm and shoot… and then waited for a couple of weeks for the results to come in. I still can feel the small but sturdy built in my hands. I had a couple of flash bulbs (you could use each one only once!), which I never used… saving them for the real moment, too precious and expensive to be blown on subjects so routine and prosaic.

In the same year that I got my camera, I was lucky to be on a family vacation at Ajanta and Ellora caves near Aurangabad, India.  This was my first real amateur photography experience … and I even today use just one prime 50mm lens with my camera in manual or aperture mode.  Each one of those first B/W photographs, that survived in one of the family albums, still hold a treasure trove of delightful memories.

My first picture at Ellora Caves, India

… and thus was born another pleasure!